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User-wise Authority

User-wise Authority

While doing any Business, the very first concern is it's security of your Business. Balancebiz provides you the facility of user-wise authority.

Only Authorised user can operate the Balance-Biz Software. Different users have different authority to operate the software. One can trace user's work on Balance-Biz Software.

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  • We can give operator-wise authority to operate Balance-Biz software. for ex. if we don't want to give the authority to delete any entry to our operator only given authority to make new entries then he can only make the new entries and he will be unable to delete those entries.

  • Also we can check the report of what work done by our operator in our software date-wise as well as time-wise.

  • We can give user-wise password and Authority to operate the software. different users can operate their authority-wise.

  • By default we are provided with a user called "Manager" with software registration. He has all the authorities including settings.

  • "Manager" has the authorities to 1)create a new user 2) to remove the particular authorities of another user 3) to set password

  • Q. How to create New User ?

  • While creating a new user , select User in the user setting option on the main screen. here we have add the Username and Password for the new user.

  • And after that, we can give him the authority for his work. for ex. whether we want to give him the authority To make New entry, To View that entry, To Edit that entry, To Delete that entry and To check the Report of done work etc.

  • In addition to all this, we can also give him the Authority of which options of main screen should be visible to him. for. ex. From Master, Transaction, Common Reports, GST Reports, Final Reports, Settings etc.

  • If his work of area is only to make the new entries then likewise you can give him the authority, so that he will be able to make only new entries and other options will be invisible for the new user.

  • The entries which we want him to Access we can set those entries as "True" and which we do not want him to access for those entries we should set as " False". so that only those entries will be accessible for him which we want him to make

  • To Check the Report of work done by the User

  • After the user make all the entries we can check the work done by him in the Report. On main screen option, in User option, we have Report in which we can check work of that User.

  • To view the User Work Report We must first select the Period and then after selecting the Username, we can check all the work done by that user Date-wise and Time-wise. You can also convert this report into excel format.

  • Advantages

  • Only Authorised users can operate your software.

  • Owner can trace the regular work done by his User.

  • Security will be maintained which is very important for any Business.
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