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Godown Stock Transfer

This chapter covers

  • What is Godown Stock Transfer.
  • How to make this Entry.
  • Mandatory things while making this entry.

Godown Stock Transfer

Q. What is Godown Stock Transfer ?

  • This entry is used to transfer the goods from one location to another. The quantity of Stock remains the same, but the Location changes.
  • If you have more than one Godown for storage of your Goods. then you can make entry of transfer of stock of your goods from one godown to another or from godown to counter and this entry you will make in Godown Stock Transfer Entry.
  • There may be a shortage or wastage of stock items. In such cases, you have to transfer your stock from one godown to another godown. and you have to maintain stock of all the godowns and counter.

  • Q. How to make Godown Stock Transfer Entry ?


    Following things are mandatory while making this entry :

    From Stock Godown : After selecting Entry No. and Date, we will select the Godown from where we are transferring the stock.

    To Stock Godown : In this, Select the Godown where we are moving the stock.

    Qty : Enter quantity of the stock transferred.


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