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This chapter covers

  • How to maintain Attendance Register in Balance-Biz Software.
  • What things comes under Attendance Register .


  • Attendance Management is very easy in Balance-Biz Software. 'Attendance' option is given on the Main screen of the software.
  • While making Attendance Entry, first of all you have to select Month to make New entries of Attendance for that month or you can also modify the entries for previous month by selecting 'Alter' option.

  • Following things you can maintain in your Attendance Register of Balance-Biz

  • Attendance : In this you just have to make the 'tick' on present days. Here, your Total Present days will be calculated.

  • Overtime / Extra Shift : Here you can make entries of your Overtime or if you have done some Extra shifts. to calculate the Overtime / Extra Shift, first you have to set Allowances for Overtime or Extra shift in master list. then this will be added automatically in your Salary while calculating.

  • Late-mark :Your Late mark entries you will make here.

  • Half-day :Make your half day entries here.

  • Weekly Off :Set your weekly off.

  • Holidays List :Set your monthly holidays.

  • Attendance-newImage

    Q. How to set your Holidays list and Add weekly off ?

  • The separate window is given to set your weekly off and Holidays list and you can also add New workers from Master list if you want to add the New employees to the Attendance records of your previous months.
  • Attendance-weekly-off setImage

  • To set Weekly off, you just have to select the weekly off day also you can set your second weekly off by just selecting the second weekly off day.

  • To set your holidays list, go to Holidays list, Select date of holiday and "Add" also if you want to remove any holiday from the holiday list, you can remove the holiday from here.

  • Attendance-holidays-listImage

  • After making all the entries you have to save this. In this way you can maintain your Monthly Attendance records. This will be useful for Salary Calculation.
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