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This chapter covers

  • Understand Bill / Voucher Print Setting
  • Advantages of Bill / Voucher Print Setting

Bill Print Setting

Understand Bill / Voucher Print Setting

In Balance-Biz software, we can set the every single column or text for printing of bill / voucher of all entry-types.

For Inventory vouchers, we have three options of print :
  • Full size
  • Half size and
  • Thermal Printer.

  • Every print setting is divided into mainly three sections :
  • Heading
  • Detailed
  • Footer
  • "Heading" and "Footer" once set, are fixed in their sizes.

    While "Detailed" section vary according to number of items included in Bill / Voucher.

    Advantages of Bill / Voucher Print Setting

  • To take the Print out of our Bill we will select the print option as per our requirement either Half Size Setting or Full Size Setting or you can give Thermal print.
  • You can do print setting of your Bill according to your requirement. you have given 'Page Properties' option in the right side of the page. we can set the Page margin with the help of this option.
  • For ex. we can set Page Height, Width, Top Margin or Left Margin, Header Height, Footer Height etc.
  • Page-propertiesImage
  • Also we can make changes according to our requirement in Bill. for ex. we can select any Label and we see the options related to that label given below and make changes for that label

  • Print-settingImage

  • Font Name :we can change Font name for the selected label.
  • Font Size : To change Font size.
  • Font Alignment : In this we can change font alignment. it means we whether we want name on label on left side or right side or at the center.
  • Font Style :We can change font style to Bold or Italic.
  • Also we can change the place of Label also. we can move the label to Left or to Right by selecting the label and change alignment to left, right or center.
  • And we can also increase the width or height of any line by selecting the 'Width' or 'Height' option from properties window.
  • we can also make any label invisible in Bill by selecting that label in properties window, and make show option as "No". and this label will not be shown on our Bill. we can also make it Visible by changing the show option to "Yes".
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