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How to operate Balance-biz

This chapter covers

  • Introduction to First Screen
  • Introduction to Main Screen
  • FAQ

The operating procedure is very easy of balance biz software. once you start to use it, you will learn to operate well within very few time. the main screen of the software is shown below, the screen is very simple to understand we can see that there is a list of main menu which includes master list, transaction entries & the reports. we simply have to make the entries of master list which includes list of all the accounts along with their opening balances and list of our goods along with their opening stock and make all the regular entries of sale and purchase and all the reports will be generated automatically.

Introduction to First Screen

  • Registration of the software : To use Balancebiz software you must do registration of the software first.
  • Create Company : Balancebiz provides the facility of maintainance of data of multiple companies within one software. you can maintain the data of your single company as well as upto maximum 5 companies. we also have facility of multi-user system. you have to create your company after registration in create company window.
  • Create year : After creating company you have to create year and then select the company.
  • Import Data from old Balancebiz to New Balancebiz : If you are existing user of Balanacebiz, then you can also import the masters of your old software to the new software while creating year. it is very simple to import your old data like accounts and their opening balances and items list and their opening stock to new software.
  • After importing old data to new software, The Closing Balances of the previous year will be converted into Opening Balances and Closing stock of the previous year will be converted into opening stock of the current year.

  • After all this we will turn to our all necessary regular entries : Ahose are transaction entries. for entries of purchase and sale, we have to first set columns for the sale bill and purchase bill. or we can apply Business-wise setting for our particular business. so that the bill settings of our particular business will be implemented automatically and quickly. after that we can add Terms and conditions & License number on our sale bill ( Tax Invoice ).

  • Introduction to Main Screen


    The Main Screen of the Balancebiz software is divided into 7 main divisions. out of that, Master & Transaction are used to make our regular main entries

  • Master list : which includes entries of all the
    1. Accounts
    2. Account groups
    3. Items(goods/services) along with opening stock.
    Note First of all you have to make the entries of your all the items and their opening stock . and then In accounts you have to make the entries of your all types of accounts and their Opening Balances.
  • Transaction entries : Transaction entries includes all the regular entries of Sale, purchase, receipt, payment and all other transaction entries. You have to just enter your bills/ vouchers as they are. it will automatically maintain your accounts and inventory.
  • Reports : This is the result of all entries. Effect of all entries will be auto populated in all reports. You have to just check reports. It will save your time to make entries.

  • FAQ's

    Q. Where to make your regular Transaction entries ?

  • For the entries of purchase and sale : In the main screen, we have the option of transaction entries, we have separately given entries of Sale as well as purchase. 1) Purchase : in purchase, you can make all you your day to day entries of purchase for ex. Purchase Bill ( Credit or Cash ), Purchase Order, Purchase return ( Debit Note ) Purchase DC, Purchase Bill against DC, Purchase against order, Replacement etc. 2) Sale : In sale option, you can make all the entries related to sale like, Sale bill, Quotation/Estimate, Sales return ( Credit Note ), Sale DC, Sale bill from DC, Sale aginst order, Sale against Quotation, Replacement Returned. etc.
  • For the entries of Received Amount & Payment ( Expenses ) :In transaction entries, the entry of the received amount from any party we have to make this in Receipt entry, and paid amount to any party or for expenses make entry in payment. we can also select the type of amount received or paid entry whether it is received or paid by Cash, DD, Account transfer or any other. like-wise we make the entry for receipt as well as for payment.
  • Other than above entries, we can also make entries of Journal entries, contra entries, salary entry and other entries.

  • Q. How to upload our Data to Cloud ?

  • After making your regular entries , we have given an option on the main screen Day-End upload to cloud click on that button to upload the data it will connect your balancebiz to and then you have to select your account created on lekhaa after that select your company and select the date then your records will be shown and then upload your day-end data to cloud. it will be uploaded on your lekhaa account.
  • After that you can check your uploaded data records also on your mobile. it is very helpful to manage your business and easiness of the business.

  • Q. How to check quickly your Balance Amount in your Cash/Bank account ?

  • On main screen there is a report of Balance & Graph : In this report you can check your current Balance amount in your Cash or Bank accounts with the regular entries of transaction.
  • Also you can see your Expense vs. Income graphically.
  • Balance & graph report is a quick review to check our income over our expenses and also our current balance in every cash or bank accounts.

  • Q. Where to see Reports on accounts of Customers, Suppliers etc. ?

    On main screen , In Accounting Reports :

  • Ledger Account : In this you can check every transaction with a particular account ( for ex. detailed transactions with Customer , supplier, Expense account, Bank account, Bank loan account, Employees account ) in detail.
  • Outstanding Report : Here, you can check your outstanding balance of all parties as well as specific party ( Area-wise, Salesman-wise and Amount-wise )
  • List of Accounts : In this you can see the list of all your accounts.
  • Salesman : You can check your list of all salesman, salesman-wise sale also salesman & item-wise sale.
  • Account Group Report : Here you can check your account group reports. i.e.reports on Liabilities, Assets, Expenses and Incomes.
  • Books : In Books, there are Day Book, Cash Book, Cash Book ( Day-wise ) & Bank Book.
  • We can also check the closing balance of any particular account by just selecting that account while making any transaction entries for that particular account.

    Q. Where to check stock of the Goods (Items) , and Godown-wise stock ?

    On main screen, in Stock Reports :

  • Stock Report : In this report, you can check all the details of your opening stock and closing stock also your Godown-wise stock you can check in this. as well as you will get to check your month-wise purchase and sale and pricelist of the goods.
  • Stock movement : You can check movement of your stock ( sale & purchase ) Item wise, company-wise, Party-wise, Party and Item-wise, reports on Item-wise and Item type-wise Purchase & Sale.
  • Reports on Unused items.

  • Q. Where to check Trial Blance, Profit & Loss Account , Balancesheet ?

  • On main screen, in Final Reports you can check all these reports as well as your profit reports. profit report shows us the profit we have gained customer-wise, item & item type-wise & company-wise

  • GST Reports

    With all the regular entries of purchase and sale , like all other reports GST reports will also be generated automatically.

    With the help of our software we can convert the GST reports in Excel format and also we have the facility to upload GST reports directly on the Government portal. it is shown in the video how to upload the GST report on government portal.

    Shortcut Keys : for more easy operating

    On every Screen : Enter -> To select and go ahead, Esc -> To come out of the screen, F2 -> New Item, F5 -> for Credit Purchase, F6 -> Cash Sale, F7 -> Receipt, F8 -> Payment, F11 -> For Calculator, F12 -> Ledger report.


    In the main screen , we are provided with the many tools which includes Calculator, Interest Calculator, Business calculator, Balancebiz editor, Balancebiz worksheet, sms send option, e-mail option, Attendance register, Google news, Group chat and task reminder etc.

    Also you can set your company logo on your bill with the help of company logo option given on main screen.

    Status Bar

    At the bottom of the main screen, the shortcuts for the particular things as well as date and time is given.

    We can also convert our all the reports in excel format and also can import your data from excel to our Balancebiz software.


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