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Petty Cash Book

This chapter covers

  • What is Petty Cash Book.
  • How to maintain Petty Cash Book.

Petty Cash Book

Q. What is Petty Cash Book ?

  • Petty Cash Book is an accounting book used for recording your daily expenses which are small and of little value, for example, stationary, tea expense, etc.
  • These expenses are maintained in petty cash book by the name of "Misc. Expenses"
  • The difference between the Main Cash Book and the Petty Cash Book is that only petty (small) expenses are recorded in the Petty Cash Book. No receipt, however small it may be, is recorded in it. But in the main Cash Book all receipts (big and small) and large expenses are recorded.

  • Q. How to maintain Petty Cash Book ?

    Petty-Cash-BookImage Petty-Cash-Book-Accounting-effectImage
    1. After entering the Entry No. & Date, you have to enter the Name of the Expense in Misc. Expenses and it's Amount and ''Add'' this. you can add many expenses in this way.
    2. Accounting Effect shows that, "Debit" effect goes to Misc. Expenses and "Credit" effect goes to Cash.
    3. You can also add the Site Name if you want to maintain your Site-wise expenses in Petty Cash Book. you can easily maintain your Petty Cash Book for multiple sites.
    4. You can remove the added expenses with the ''Remove'' option

    In this way you can easily maintain your daily small expenses.


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