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Bill Columns Setting

This chapter covers

  • Set Transactions
  • Set Columns for Bill
  • Set Values after Net Total
  • To set Column Formula for Bill

Set Columns for Bill

In Balance-Biz software, column settings for bill is very important. with the help of this option, you can apply your Business-wise settings for your bill. also you can set the other columns as per your Business requirement such as, Licence no. GSTIN no. etc. now we will see the detailed information about the Settings

Set Transactions - After selecting this, we get the screen for set transactions

In this screen, we can set the transactions according to your business requirement for our regular transaction entries. this includes following columns

  • Alias : In this Column shows the screen name for that entry. if we want to that entry name in bill print then we have to change from here.
  • Set :In this column, we can set the entries we want according to our Business requirement. so only those entries will appear on the main screen.
  • Account Effect :Here we can set or remove the Accounting effect for the entries we want.
  • Stock Increase :In this column, you can give the effect of "stock increase " to the entries you have selected.
  • Stock Reduce :With the help of this column, you can give the effect of "stock reduce" to the selected entries.
  • Sr. No. Title :In this column, the serial no. of entries comes. for ex. Invoice No. in Sale Bill, Pur. Bill No. in Purchase Bill.
  • Numbering :In this you can set Numbering as Auto, Manual, Serially or Highest for your entries.
  • Short Name :In this the short name given to the entries are shown.
  • Bill Total Amount :After setting this we get the rate or amount related columns in the entry. for ex. All types of Bills, Quotation etc.
  • Allow Taxes :With this option, we can set or remove taxes in Bill.

  • Set Columns

  • According to our Business requirement we can Set Columns for our Bill. to set the columns we use this option. we have separate options of set columns for sale bill as well as for purchase bill

  • Once we open the Set Columns screen, we can select the columns for Bill or we can define the title for the particular column..

  • Set-columnsImage
  • In this we can set the width for each of the column in our Bill. also we can set the order for the columns in bill with "No." column given at the left side.

  • Set Values After Net Total

  • While making Sale or Purchase Bill entry if we want to add some Other Expenses or Taxes after Net total then, we use "Set values after Net Total" option in settings.

  • for that first we have to select entry type. for ex. Select Credit Sale and clicking on "Show" button, we will select what we want to add here after net total. for ex, we will select Freight expenses. add this and also we can select whether we want to add this value in percentage or fixed value likewise we can add and set it.

  • Set-values-afterImage
  • In this, if we want to add other taxes, then we have to create account for that taxes in Account master. to get that tax in your Sale Bill. while creating such tax account for Purchase Bill select account group as " Direct Expenses." and For Sale Bill select account group as " Direct Incomes."

  • To set Column formula for Bill

    1) Select set Column Formulae in Bill Setting Option in "Setting" and click on "Show"

    Set-column formulaeImage

    2) In this we get a list of columns. in that we can see the signs for Formulae.


    3) After selecting the formula we will go to "Add New Formula" then formula gets set. for ex.

    Add new formulaImage

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