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Other Settings

This chapter covers

  • How to set Terms and Conditions on Bill
  • How to set License No. on Bill
  • Set Reminder
  • Purpose of Main Screen Options
  • Default Screen
  • Apply GST Rates to multiple items.
  • Set Company Logo

To set Terms and Conditions on Bill Print or on any other Entry

1) We will go to setting option on main screen and select set 'Terms & Conditions' on BIll/Entry Type Setting Option.


2) In this select the proper entry type in which you want to set the Terms & Conditions. after that in the given box type the Terms & Conditions, and "Add". and click on "Ok".

Terms and conditionsImage

3) In this way you can set the number of Terms & Conditions for your entries.

To set License No.s on Bill print

1) To set the License No.s on Bill Print we will select Set 'License No.s' for Bill option in Setting. and then we will get the screen for setting License No.s


In this screen we can set our License No.s and these No.s will come in your Bill print.


1) To set Reminder ( It will remind you some specific things on the time set by you ) in our software, Reminder option is given in User Setting.


2) In this, following options are given in "Message Type"

  • Datewise If you have some occasion on specific date.
  • Yearly On a specific date of the year, for ex. Birthday
  • Monthly On a specific date of every month, for ex. Salary, Light bill
  • Daily For day to day, for ex. check emails, etc.

  • Set-reminderImage

    Main Screen options

    In Main Screen Options, we can set the things which we want on Main screen. ex. Reminder , if we want Expense level to show on main screen then we can set this here in main screen options. also we can set Items Below Reorder Level, Expense Level,etc. other options are also shown below :

    Main-screen optionsImage

    The selected options will be shown on the Main Screen of the Software

    Default Screen

  • To make operating of Balance-Biz software more easy, we have provided a different option of 'Default Screen'.
  • with the help of this option, we can set the Default Screen for our software, and you will directly go to that selected entry after opening the software.
  • While setting the default screen, we have to select 3 things :

  • Main Menu :In this you have to select the entry type which we want on default screen.

  • Sub Menu : In sub menu you have to select which entry of the selected main menu you want to be show after opening the software. for ex. Tax invoice, Sales Return, Sale D.C.,etc.

  • Action you can select whether you want to Add, Edit, Display, or want to check the reports. Likewise you can choose the Action.

  • Default-screenImage

    Apply GST Rates to multiple items

  • This option is useful to apply the GST Rates to all the Items at a time.

  • Apply-GST-rate- to multipleImage
  • You just need to Enter the total GST % in the IGST Column and it will get divided into CGST & SGST.
  • Once we Apply the GST rates here, automatically the changes will be made in the Item Master

  • We can apply the GST Rates to the specific Item Types or to all the Items as per our requirement

  • After selecting the Item Types or All Items, you will Apply it and the changes will be made in Item (Goods) Master.
  • It will save your time of manually adding GST rates to your items.

  • Set Company Logo

  • You can set your company logo on your Bill, Receipt etc. with the help of this option.

  • logoImage
  • This option is given on the main screen. by clicking on this option, we have to select the file of Logo of our firm by "Browse" button.
  • Company-LogoImage
  • After that we have to select the file of our company logo. in this, we can select the logo image in "Bitmap" or "Jpeg" format. after selecting we will "Save" it.

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