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Check Data on mobile

This chapter covers

  • What are the benefits of Mobile access to your software.
  • How to check your data on mobile through Balance-Biz software

  • With a cloud based accounting solution you can access data from anywhere with an internet connection. If you use Balance-Biz software then you can access all your work files from your mobile device, even if you’re at home, on holiday or travelling to work. This gives you the freedom to work from wherever you want or need to; sending invoices and updating files on the move from your smartphone or tablet.

  • This mobile access to your software gives your companies to benefit from improved quality of service, Greater Productivity, Deeper Business relationships, Competitive Advantage, More accurate data capture.

  • Q. What are the benefits of Mobile access to your software ?

  • Easy Business Management : With the help of Mobile access facility in Balance-Biz, you can easily manage your Business and check current position of your Business at anytime or anywhere

  • Improved Quality of Service : This feature allow employees to improve quality of service to customers by giving them access to relevant information.

  • Greater Productivity : Many mobile workers waste much time driving in cars or sitting in airports. Balance-Biz helps these workers use that time productively. All mobile workers have tools, materials and information to eliminate downtime.

  • Deeper Business Relationships : Having information at their fingertips helps mobile workers deepen business relationships and response times.

  • Competitive Advantage : You can also have competitive advantage with the help of Cloud data accounting. The ability to deliver real-time information on-the-spot to accounts helps organizations improve their competitive advantage.

  • More accurate data capture : Balance-Biz software makes it easy for workers to enter all relevant data accurately by easy access through mobile.

  • Overall, Mobile access feature makes your Business more Convenient, time saving and manageable

    Q. How to check your data on Mobile ?


    After making your entries in Balance-Biz Software, you will upload your Day-End data to cloud. Your data will get uploaded to your cloud by just one click.

    Your uploaded data you can check or modify anytime, anywhere on Mobile.

    1) Login to Lekhaa through your mobile :You just have to go to on your mobile and then login to your lekhaa account. After that you will get to see the main screen of your cloud. i.e.

    2) Select your Company & year :Now you have to select your Company to work with and it's year. in this you can check all your uploaded data of the selected company. first screen is of Dashboard which includes reports of your Day Book, Bank Book, Outstanding Report, Cash Book, Ledger Report, Closing Stock, New entries of Sale, Purchase, Receipt, Vouchers.

    3) Menu List : In your Cloud account, you can modify your uploaded entries or make new entries also.

    Menu list includes :

  • Orders In this, you can send or receive orders.

  • Transaction (Account) In this you can check your uploaded entries of Receipts, Vouchers, Contra Entry, Journal Entries, Debit Note, Credit Note, Payroll, Salary Paid etc.

  • Tranaction (Inventory)Here you can check your uploaded data of Purchase, Sale, Purchase Return (Debit Note), Sales Return (Credit Note) , entries of Godown Stock Transfer etc.

  • Master ListIn master list you can check all your Item master, Scheme master, Supplier master, Customer master, Account master, Account Group, Employee master and Category master etc. as per your uploaded data.

  • Balance In this you can check your Cash/Bank Balance as per your entries, report on Day Book, Ledger report etc.

  • Reports These reports includes Ledger reports, Outstanding Reports, Sales man reports, Balance, GSTR Reports, Yearly Reports and stock reports.

  • Register Registers on your daily transaction entries.

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