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Business Calculator

This chapter covers

  • What is the use of Business Calculator.
  • How to operate Business Calculator in our software.

Business Calculator

Use of Business Calculator

In Balance-Biz software, Business Calculator facility is provided. If you have taken some loan then, Business Calculator is useful for your Loan Calculation. in this you can check :

  1. The Interest rate on your Loan Amount.
  2. No. of Installments and its amount, with date-wise you can calculate.

Business Calculator tool is provided on the main screen of the software. here, in Loan Calculation following things are mandatory :

  • Loan Amount
  • Type of Interest : whether it is Plane, Compound or Reducing interest.
  • No. of Installments (in month)
  • Interest Rate (yearly or monthly)
  • Date of First Installment : As you enter the date of first installment, the date of last installment will be automatically calculated according to the months we have added in No. of installments.

  • Loan CalculationImage

    After filling all the information, The Installment details will be shown:

    In this, we you see how your principle amount is reducing in every month and also how much interest amount will be charged and according to this your EMI of every month will be calculated.

    Installment detailsImage

    At the bottom of the chart, we can check how much amount we have to pay through EMI along with the total principle amount


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