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Agriculture and Food Products


These mats are made out of thunga which is available in tribal and ruralareas. It has a wildgrowth particularly in tanks and other marshy areas. The Raw material is very cheap.Only the difficulty is that it has to be harvested in season ,dried and stored for being used throughout the year. It is one of the handi craft items. Mats of various designs are made. The process is simple and it has a good

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Mosquito net is considered as an essential item for human living. It is a protective item used by people to ward off mosquito bites during sleep with people become more health and hygiene conscious, mosquito nets have found preference over mosquito repellant which is a chemical preparation and is hazardous to health in the long run.

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Laptop and file carry bag

Laptop and file carry bags made of synthetic material are used by office goers as well as by business people to carry Laptop and files etc. Laptop bags are also required by laptop manufacturers. Laptop and file carry bags are made.of synthetic material / manmade). All machines and raw-materials used for its manufacture are easily available from indigenous sources and, not much technology is invol

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Coconut consist of water and copra contained in a hard shell covered with fibrous husk protecting it from damages. Fibre is extracted from coconut husk mechanically and is used in making several products with wide applications. One of the products is 2-ply yarn made of coir fibre.

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Ladies Shopping Bag

Ladies use shopping bags to carry thing home. they purchase from the market. Different materials like cloth, nylon plastic etc. are used for manufacturing cheap shopping bags. But they are less durable and lack aesthetic appeal. Leather can be used for manufacturing high quantity of ladies shopping bags, in spite of their high cost are durable and due to their relegance and aesthetic appeal have b

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Kora Grass mat weaving

Kora Grass mat weaving is one os the tradiional industies in the country. At present the mats are woven on traditional looms by weavers. With a view to increasing the production and earnings of the artisans, the societies will undertake weaving on the improved looms devised by the Fibre Directorate of KVIC. This activity is predominant in Tmilnadu, Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka.

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Weaving is a way of life and an integral part of the weaving community residing in the North Eastern Region. More than 50% of the total looms found allover India exist in this region. The Assam silk and muga not only holds an important place in the handloom sector in the national market but has also a great demand in the international market.

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Decorative jute weaving products have demands in most of the homes. It is not only fashionable but also durable and washable. It has made its presence not only in the domestic sector but also commercial sectors like hotels. Convention centres also prefer to have them.

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The plain fabric is used as a raw material in manufacturing printed bed sheets, sarees, dress material, furnishings, etc. The finished powerloom cloth can be supplied either bleached or unbleached and in a wide range of colours and shades. For coloured cloth, the yarn is bleached and dyed before weaving.

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Jute is a natural cellulasic bast fiber. Due to its good spinable characteristics, it is well known as a golden fiber. Jute has various inherent characteristics like, high tensile strength, low extensibility, long durability, fire and heat resistance, silkiness, luster and long staple lengths.

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Garment is a basic need for every human being. The children garments are a necessary item and the children looks very beautiful in colourful garments. The trend for using garments is increasing day by day due to new fashion trends. Manufacture of children garments is very simple and easily.

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The use of leather has substantially increased. The leather was used mainly in footwears and bags. Now-a-days all expensive furnishing sofas, chairs, car seats and a number other decorative items, leather furnishings are extensively used. The availability of raw material is plently. The leather has export market also.

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Cotton knitted garments are very much in demand especially during the summer seasons, but the demand persist throughout the year in the rural as well as urban sector. The unit proposes to produce menís under garments and vests.

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hoe laces, file tags & cotton pcking tapes are considered as consumer items. These items play a prominent role to mintain office records etc being a consumer items, there is always regular demand of these items.

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Jute is cultivated in several states of India. In India, around 1 million hectare of land in under jute cultivation, production is 10 million tones and yield is 1960 Kg per hectare. In N.E. States jute is cultivated in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Nagaland & Tripura. Assam ranks second as the most jute producing state in India after West Bengal. Unfortunately 75% of the jute produced

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