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Project profile on personal computer

Personal Computers are widely used these days in office automation in Business / trade, Industries, Banks, Insurance Establishments, Hospitals, Hotels, Railway, Airlines and Transport services etc. Personal Computer hardware consists of CPU, Memory, Direct memory access, Peripheral controllers and interfaces, Floppy disk drives and Hard disk drives. The peripherals consists of

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PCO monitor is a machine, which the monitor the calls made by the subscriber from STD/PCO booth it is a machine which displays the dialed Station Name , No. and gives the printed record of plus rate money to be charged from the subscriber. STD/PCO Booth are available in each and every conrner of the country. These call centre can not run without PCO Monitor. These are having many futures , which a

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Project profile on Modem

In order to know how a modem works, you should be familiar with the typical sections of a modem circuit. Most modems today can be fabricated with only a few specialized chips and discrete parts, and virtually all computer communication systems contain the same essential

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desk top publishing center (DTP)

Desk Top Publishing (DTP) primarily pertain to designing of documents using personal computer loaded with DTP software packages like page maker, coral draw, MS word, Venus, Parkashak etc. and laser printing. Laser printer has the capability of printing the pages that has text and graphics. The DTP has many advantages in comparison with the manual process. It is a factual and can quickly edit with

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Now a days electronic communication is playing a big role in india. Due to fast growing of IT sector there is demand for these type of cyber cafés for sending communication for varoiuos distinations. These type of cafes can be set up in district head quarters and Block headquarters. This facility can be untilised by educated people,govt offices, institutions etc.

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The fast growing of the IT sector there has raised great demand for Cyber Cafes for receiving and sending communication through Electronic mail. Apart from mails the clients can visit various sites to gather information on topics of interest, it is also a source of entertainment as movies can be watched and songs can be downloaded and online shopping.

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Computer keyboards

Key board is an important detachable input unit of the computer use for data entry to the computer with the help of keys available on it. It is operated with 5 VDC derived from the computer. The actual number of keys on the keys board depends on the combination of the language that can be used with the system. Normally key boards of 107 & 108 keys are catering

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Add-On Cards For Computer

The use & implication of computer & digital communication are increase very fast as compare to early 70s. The state of an art of technologies adopted to interlink the system or modify particular systems character. The use of Add-on cards improves the systems equipment flexibility for modification of system capability, functions and utility with ease for maintenance and servicing

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