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With Balance-Biz, we provide such things which are actually helpful in decision making, alternately it helps in grow of your business.

Price of Balance-Biz is not depend on number of records you keep or how you earn or what your business type is.

We are not only providing software, but we will help you to solve your business problems. Our customer care center will surely help in technical as well as logical problems.

We assure you that, you will get best value against what you paid.


- Price -

Company Option User Option MRP GST 18% Price
1 Single Company Rs. 12,500/- Rs. 1,907/- Rs. 10,593/-
2 Multiple Company - 5 Rs. 18,500/- Rs. 2,822/- Rs. 15,678/-
3 Single Company Rs. 18,500/- Rs. 2,822/- Rs. 15,678/-
4 Multiple Company -5 Rs. 24,500/- Rs. 3,737/- Rs. 20,763/-

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