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How to Install Balance-Biz Software ?

Follow Steps:-

Step 1 - To install "Balance-Biz" software you must have "setup-BalanceBiz.exe" file. If you don't have this file then it.
Step 2 - Open/run "setup-BalanceBiz.exe" file. Read the License Agreement and click on "I accept the agreement".
Step 3 - It will ask you for location to install the Balance-Biz software.

You can change location of software by selecting "Browse.." button on the screen.


Tips: - If you are already using Balance-Biz software, then try to select different path to install. Because if you have already data on the same path, then it may get overright.
Step 4 - Click Next buttons and try to finish the above wizard.
You are done with setup. Now check
  1. Shortcut on desktop
  2. Shortcut on "Start" button -> All Programs -> Elinje Technosoft -> Balance-Biz
  3. File Structure at the location you installed should be like this -

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